S.H.T.F.-2 September 22 2012

Legendary Gun designer Dan Coonan will be appearing at S.H.T.F.-2 on September 22nd at Ahlmans in Morristown MN. Coonan is a sponsor of the event. Test yourself on the Coonan Challenge, a multi-stage shooting course.

Stop by the Coonan range and see how your skills stack up against Dan Coonan’s in the Triple Threat Apocalyptic course. How fast can you shoot the Zombies, then run down the Vampire and drive a stake into his heart before annihilating a pack of Werewolves? Only at Ahlmans!

Be the first to see Dan’s latest creation, which is literally created for when S.H.T.F. Check out the Zombie Silver Bullets – .357 Magnum bullets jacketed in 99% Pure Silver. These are the ultimate Zombie/Werewolf loads. Stop the Zombie Apocalypse (or whatever haunts you)!


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  1. In some legends, silver was also considered to be quite effective against vampires. A wound caused by silver would not heal.